writing discussion

Let’s Do the Twist

So you’ve come up with a clever twist that you think no one will ever see coming.  And you send it to your beta readers, waiting to hear back that the shock and surprise of the twist had them in awe.  Maybe that’s exactly what happens.  Or . . . maybe they tell you the […]


Avoiding Emotional Redundancy

Every scene in your manuscript should have a purpose, and move the story forward.  So obviously, you don’t want to waste the reader’s attention with scenes that relay the same information.  But what about the same emotions? Repetition leads to boredom. If, like me, you tend to write long and have to trim back your […]


Sidekicks and Sounding Boards

Ever wonder why so many characters have sidekicks?  It’s not so much that the character couldn’t do whatever actions the sidekick takes in the story.  It’s that the audience needs to understand the underlying motivations behind the character’s actions, and a sidekick is an easy way to get the protag to vocalize her reasoning. One […]


Sticking The Landing

When you watch a gymnast doing a parallel bars routine, it is easy to get caught up in the grace and the power – coupled with an I-could-never-do-that kind of awe.  Nothing ruins that experience – or the gymnast’s score – faster than failing to stick the landing.  A double hop – or worse, falling […]


Poetic Technique for Prose Writers

Blog Post – Poetic Technique for Prose Writers I love language.  The sound of words.  The way a pause can imply a character taking a breath.  The way a strong image can stay with you for days. The fact that I as a writer can tell you how my character feels inside, and if I […]