bean to bar mysteries

the newest sleuth in galveston just wants to make chocolate

An Idyllic Chocolate Shop. An island with dramatic weather. And a murder.

Welcome to Greetings and Felicitations! It is Felicity Koerber’s bean to bar chocolate factory/shop – and her refuge from the pain in her past. When she returned home to open it, she never imagined she’d be solving a murder – but now she will have to, to save her business’s reputation and avoid being framed as a killer.

Felicity Koerber has had a rough year. She’s moving back to Galveston Island and opening a bean to bar chocolate factory, fulfilling a dream she and her late husband, Kevin, had shared. Craft chocolate means a chance to travel the world, meeting with farmers and bringing back beans she can turn into little blocks of happiness, right close to home and family.

She thinks trouble has walked into her carefully re-built world when puddle-jump pilot Logan Hanlon shows up at her grand opening to order custom chocolates. Then one of her employees drops dead at the party, and Felicity’s one-who-got-away ex-boyfriend – who’s now a cop – thinks Felicity is a suspect. As the murder victim’s life becomes more and more of a mystery, Felicity realizes that if she’s going to clear her name in time to save her business, she might need Logan’s help. Though she’s not sure if she’s ready to let anyone into her life – even if it is to protect her from being the killer’s next victim.

For Felicity, Galveston is all about history, and a love-hate relationship with the ocean, which keeps threatening to deliver another hurricane – right into the middle of her investigation. Can she figure it out before all the clues get washed away?

Cozy mystery with a little sweet romance…and a lot of chocolate.

The author of the Chocoverse science fiction series brings you a brand new adventure inspired by real-life chocolate makers.

grand openings can be murder

Book 1

In this series you get

Hungry From all the Chocolate

An Amateur Sleuth Rebuilding Her Life

An Adorable Bunny

A Surfer Girl Baking Assistant

Social Media Addiction

Historic Galveston Island

Cajun Culture

Grand openings can be murder book trailer

Grand Openings Can Be Murder
grand openings can be murder

sample chapter

My science fiction trilogy supposes that chocolate has become the most important thing in the universe, and I learned so much about real-world craft chocolate makers while researching and publicizing those books, that I decided to write a cozy with a bean to bar chocolate maker as a sleuth. I mean think about it. To succeed as a chocolate maker, a person has to be ingenuitive, sometimes building machines from scratch when the machine to suit their needs doesn’t exist, or needs to be repaired or modified. A lot of chocolate makers start out experimenting in their kitchens, winnowing their cacao beans with a hairdryer outdoors, so the husks can just blow away. They’re adventurous, many of them traveling to the country of origin to work directly with farmers to make purchasing deals. They’re creative, with excellent palates, as making chocolate has much in common with being a winemaker or a coffee roaster. More than anything, the chocolate makers I have met are generous with their time and expertise. I’ve had people take the time to show me around their factory, explain how certain aspects of chocolate making work — once chocolate maker even consulted on this series, reading parts of the manuscript and answering the questions I didn’t even know to ask.

Felicity’s fictional shop is in Galveston Texas, a ferry ride away from my hometown. I located it on the Historic Strand, to give her interesting architecture and a central view of going-ons with my fictionalized small business community. Galveston has always been one of my favorite places to spend time, from the beach to the state park, it’s a great place to photograph birds and other wildlife. And there is so much history related to the island to explore. Felicity lives with her aunt, who is a house-flipper specializing in rejuvenating neglected Victorian homes (did I mention I love architecture?). There is an extremely sweet romance triangle that will sort itself out over the course of the series.

I have often been told my books make people hungry, and with the Cajun food references plus all the chocolate, this one should be no exception.