The Chocoverse

Bienveinido a The Chocoverse!

The Chocoverse is a homage to the cheesiness of the telenovela tradition, complete with all the heart and optimism that implies. There’s a lot in the series about overcoming prejudice and finding family inside blended cultures and backgrounds. The messages of love, mercy, and hope run through all three books, summed up by Tawny’s media campaign centered around the slogan Mercy Is a Gift.

Bo Benitez, failed telenovela star, runs to the other side of the galaxy to escape the vulturazzi, only to be drawn back home when her alien boyfriend convinces her to steal the source of chocolate. She winds up in trouble, running for her life, into danger bigger than she ever imagined — and an opportunity to change the entire galaxy forever.

free chocolate

pure chocolate

fake chocolate



In this series, you get:

Alien Dragons
An Adorable Corgi
Laser Monkey Robots
Space Pirates
Shark Monster Soldiers
and oh, so much chocolate!

Also see the short story When Kromish Eyes are Smiling in the Fall 2019 Edition of Amazing Stories!

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On Free Chocolate: “[A] clever debut … darkly comic and sometimes deadly serious.”

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British Fantasy Society

“Humour, drama, action and pathos fill the pages as Bo and Brill adventure across the stars in a fun easy-to-read sequel that keeps your attention from start to finish.”

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B&N Sci-Fi Blog

On Free Chocolate: “This space opera-meets-soap opera debut is, ultimately, a rollicking adventure; a heist story in which chocolate is the greatest prize of all. Yum.”

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Litcast of Doom

On Free Chocolate: ” . . . The prose is excellent – even with the English/Spanish language mix – and the characters charming. This is an excellent book!”

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