Teaching and Speaking


I have been teaching creative writing for over 14 years in the DFW Area, as well as at conferences and on panels in other parts of Texas. My classes emphasize sound psychological character creation, and will help you ensure that your characters are displaying agency right off the bat, which will ensure that your story has momentum.

Writing Workshops Dallas
Writing Day Workshops
UT Arlington Continuing Education

If you don’t see a class that works for you in my events calendar, I also do one-on-one coaching through Writing Workshops Dallas. (See the fee schedule on their site.)

I am also available to speak to book clubs or at library events about the Chocoverse Science Fiction Books or the Choco-Cookbook. Jake and I also do a tag-team lecture where we talk about growing and cooking with chocolate. He brings samples of Cacao Trees he’s growing indoors.

Popular Writing Lectures

If you’d like to have me out to speak on a writing topic not listed below, just ask. I’m comfortable speaking on just about any aspect of craft or productivity management.

Creativity Jumpstart

Finishing What You Start

Idea Implications

The 5 Ws of Fiction

The Importance of Character Agency

Archetype vs. Cliché

Truth and Lies in Your Fiction

Seamless Worldbuilding

Properly Handling Character Death

Writing Comedy: Balancing Humor and Stakes

Write it Short: An Introduction to Flash Fiction

Story Like a Journalist

A Workbook for Novelists
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