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The University of Texas at Arlington
Creative Writing

Places where I Speak

Saturday Night Write
Craft Discussion

Teaching / Lecturing

Amber had presented for a number of DFW-area writing groups and at conferences and conventions across the country. She would be happy to present for your group or organization!

Amber is prepared to address library groups, including groups of teen readers and writers, about books, reading and writing. She also does talks on chocolate, herbs and cooking.

Amber would love to virtually visit your book club for a complimentary discussion of one of her books. See the Discussion Guides.

Book Coaching / Developmental Editing

Genres Amber Covers: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Romance (no erotica), Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult (including genre YA).

Amber takes on a very select number of coaching and editing clients each year. If you are interested, contact her with information on the scope of the project, and the type of service you are interested in. When dealing with a manuscript, Amber focuses on sound psychological character creation, and will help you ensure that your characters are displaying agency right off the bat, which will ensure that your story has the kind of momentum agents and editors are looking for.


“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job. I am always so excited after your presentations. You really are a good teacher. It is the way that you tell us how to think about each component and how to approach each exercise.” — Tamara Warner, Dallas Area Writers Group (DAWG) President & Social Media Director, Writers Guild of Texas (WGT) – Programs Chair, and Writing Organizations ‘Round Dallas (W.O.R.D.) – Secretary & Membership Chair

“Amber’s novel writing classes has pushed me to write a draft of my first young adult novel. The class environment she creates encourages daily writing, constructive critique, and personal reflection. I have taken over 5 classes with Amber and I believe my writing gets more refined and descriptive, because of each class.” — Latoya Teague

Amber’s teaching skills and knowledge of the publishing industry bring a fledgling author an array of helpful advice in a friendly, accepting atmosphere. — Nora Moore

“One of our attendees last night sent me a note saying that was the best info talk. I agree, thanks again!” — Scott Taylor, Carrollton League of Writers President

Combining enthusiasm, detailed slide presentations and expertise; Amber has guided me from story outline to novel completion. I will continue with her classes moving forward, and I recommend Amber’s classes for aspiring writers of fiction and nonfiction. — John Moore

“Amber, Your workshop is great. More than great.” — Lucinda Wise

“Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to work with our students today. Really appreciate it.” — Amanda Price, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

“Thanks again for a terrific presentation!” — Melissa Toliver

“The discussions and writing was such a wonderful experience! Thank you for running the workshop.” — Cynthia Landefeld

“Enjoyed the Friday Night Write.” — Linda Jenkins

“Awesome discussion and info!” — Jennifer Crippen

“I really enjoyed your presentation. Since I am a beginner, I learned much useful information for me that day. I appreciate you taking time to speak for us beginners. I look forward to hearing you speak again.” — André (Andi) King, member Writer’s Guild of Texas

“I’m so excited about your class and really love the way you teach.” — Jannae Tunnell

Sample Lectures

Here are examples of my most popular lectures and seminars, which I teach for writing groups, libraries, conferences and other forums. I am well-versed in writing craft, so if you are looking for something you don’t see here, I can probably still accommodate your group’s needs.

If you are interested in having me out to somewhere local to the DFW area (or can fund travel) or would like me to teach or speak at a virtual event please get in touch!!!

Creative Writing

— Think Like a Journalist — Write Like a Novelist

— How Competing Character Agency Amps Up Your Story

— Archetypes vs Cliché

— The Importance of Character Attachment

— Villains as the Mirror of Heroes

— Writing Twists and Revelations

— Giving Everyone a Stake in the Story

— Building and Maintaining Suspense

— Truth and Lies in Your Fiction

— Building an Exciting Premise

— Writing About Food

— Effective Action Scenes

Chocolate and Cooking

— Cooking Demo from There are Herbs in My Chocolate

— Chocolate history lecture (with optional chocolate tasting)

— A Reader’s Tea Party

Want me to come out and teach your group?
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