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I’m always on the lookout for a new fun toy for Sean and Addi, the pair of tuxedo kittens we adopted. (Yes, they do both look like smaller versions of Ruffles, the cat that occasionally shows up in my Bean to Bar Mysteries.) Example items are from Amazon, and these are affiliate links.


Crochet Patterns for Cats (Book) –

Easy Crochet Cat Toys (Book) —

Knits for Kitties (Book) —
How fun is this trend? Make some of your own cat toys – and other things to enrich your pet’s lives. Jake is the crochet guy in our house, and he’s always looking for projects like this.

Retractable Cat Toy Wand Set –
Our kitties love wand toys for the tactile sense the lures provide when the cats swat them out of the air. Feathers always attract their attention – and look at the “ball of yarn” lures! As always, monitor cats when they are playing with wands, since they could get tangled in the strings.

Plushies —
Addi has a set of little toys that include a doughnut and a croissant very similar to this one. She loves carrying the soft toys around the house. She’s also fond of batting them around until they wind up under the furniture.

Plastic Balls –
What cat doesn’t need a basic ball toy? Plus, these jingle. Our cats love this style of ball.

Ball Circuit Track —
Our cats have multiple circuit tracks, and they will just walk by and bat at the ball. Sometimes they keep going, but other times they get caught up playing.

Pom-Pom Launcher —
Addi totally needs this. She has a couple of pom-poms that she loves carrying around. Imagine her getting to chase 30 at once!

Catnip Bubbles –
Our cats are fascinated by bubbles. These are long-lasting and don’t seem to leave residue when they pop.

Laser Pointer —
If we need to redirect our cats, we just turn on the laser pointer and lead them to a more appropriate area. This isn’t the exact laser pointer we use, but it is very similar.

Random Laser Toy —
A step up from the laser pointer, this allows the cats to amuse themselves.

Exercise Wheel —
This is in my cart. I’ve seen a lot of cats having fun with these treadmills on Instagram, and this one also has a scratcher.

Cat Tree –
Our cats love to climb, so we got them a tall cat tree with multiple perches.

Wall-Mounted Cat Furniture –
Our smaller cat loves to sit in the octagon of this set. There are so many different styles of wall-mounted furniture available today!

Tunnel Plus Bed —
What cat doesn’t love tunnels? This one goes in a circle, so a bed fits in the center.

Cat Pillows —
Look at these little cuddle pillows! (They’re comfort objects. Remember to put one in the cat carrier next time we’re headed for the vet.)

Toothbrush Toy —
A toy that helps improve a cat’s dental health is a winner in my book.

Food Puzzle —
Food puzzles are designed to prevent cats from being bored. This one was one of the first things we bought for the kittens.

Slow Feeder —
Here’s another interesting slow feeder puzzle.

Food Puzzle —
Here’s a more intricate puzzle.

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