Music Playlists

When I’m writing I like to get into the sounds that the characters are likely to associate with life. Here are some playlists that help me get into the mood of writing.

Felicity’s Family

Felicity grew up in with Cajun family and of course music is a large part of family parties.

Felicity’s Cruise Mix

When Felicity goes on a mystery murder cruise I just had to put together a cruise playlist to get the feel of going out on the water.

Felicity’s Chocolate Shop Mix

Felicity wants her chocolate shop to be a welcoming place for friends and members of the wider community. Here’s her take on elegant background music.

Autumn’s Wedding Playlist

In Book six, Autumn finally gets to have her wedding. Part of it’s a DJ and part of it’s a live jazz band. So I tried to get a feel for both in this playlist.

Arlo’s Morning Playlist

Arlo likes to have some easy listening to start off what is often a stressful day working in homicide.

Logan’s Techno Playlist

Logan is ready for almost anything. Although he’s easy going, his techno playlist gets him revved up for the next task at hand.