Free Chocolate

In the near future, Earth makes first contact with Krom, an alien race that collects commodities.  The aliens take samples of some of the best things on Earth.  But the Krom leave in a hurry, just ahead of angry rioters.  So they miss chocolate.  Earth, in its panic, closes its borders, but started exporting every form of chocolate – except unfermented – i.e. growable — beans.

Fast-forward a hundred years and focus on Bo Benitez, former paparazzi turned culinary arts student, living on the other side of the galaxy from her celebrity-chef Mom.  Her Krom boyfriend, Brill, is a charismatic gray market trader – and definitely NOT a space pirate.  He convinces her to use her star status to get past the android sentries and laser-eyed monkey harvester robots to steal a sample of the source of chocolate for the sake of the universe – and to save Earth from another Choco War.