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Video Interviews

Chocolate Television Virtual Salon Panel

Wine, Women, & Writing

Chocolate Tasting with the Chocotastery

Sisters in Crime – Writing About Food Tip

Fresh Fiction Multi Author Interview — Cozy Corner: MALICE IN DALLAS by Kym Roberts


Recorded Panels

Chocolate Salon – Dark Chocolate Benefits

Murder by the Books – Texas Cozy Panel

Roanoke Library – Plotting Your Way Through a Short Story



Born To Create Podcast: How to Write a Novel (with Amber Royer)

Smart Business Writing – Storytelling Principles for Business (with Amber Royer)

Character Agency, Motives and Chocolate-writing Interview for Romancing the Story


Text Interviews

Eat Like A Writer

Book Club Babble


The Qwillery

Anna Kashina’s Blog

Patrice Sarath ‘s Blog

Writer’s League of Texas, Meet the Members

Voyage Dallas

WorldCon Reddit AMA

March 2019 Reddit AMA

Redit AMA — Funny SciFi

Eating Authors

North Texas Nerds

Breaking the Glass Slipper — 5 Things

My Book, The Movie

My Journey Back

A Blue Million Books

Christy’s Cozy Corners

Fresh Fiction

Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

Dru’s Book Musings

Shoutout DFW

That’s What She’s Reading

Rebecca R. Cahill

Cozy Up With Kathy Blog

Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book Blog (70% Dark Intentions Version)


Specifically about Free Chocolate

Paul Semel’s Site (Free Chocolate Release)

Writers Read — Free Chocolate

The Page 69 Test

Fran Wilde’s Book Bites


Specifically about Pure Chocolate

Paul Semel’s Site (Pure Chocolate Release)

Writers Read — Pure Chocolate

Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit

Annotated First Chapter on The Civilian Reader Blog


Specifically about Fake Chocolate

Paul Semel’s Site (Fake Chocolate Release)

The Qwillery: Cover Reveal and Space Pirates


Specifically about Grand Openings Can Be Murder

Specifically about 70% Dark Intentions

How Writing a Cookbook Led to Me Writing a Mystery for Novels Alive

Wish Fulfilment and the Art of Novel Writing for Mysteries with Character

Christy’s Cozy Corners – CHARACTER GUEST POST: Carmen Avino

I Read What You Write – CHARACTER GUEST POST: Logan Hanlon

My Journey Back — CHARACTER GUEST POST: Clive the Octopus
Interview With Felicity through Dru’s Book Musing

Guest Blog Posts

Eat Like a Writer. How to Plan a Book Blog Tour

Dying for Chocolate. How Bean to Baked Goods at Real Chocolate Shops inspired The Bean to Bar Mysteries

Gail Kittleson’s Blog. I talk about writing as a way of healing. Also, there’s a giveaway

Writing Workshops Dallas. It’s Getting Tense in Here. Examples from Grand Openings Can Be Murder

Mystery Fanfare: Chocolate Maker vs. Chocolatier: How Choosing a Protagonist’s Focus Changes the Parameters of Cozy

Research and Empathy — SciFi Chick Blog

On Being a Lifetime Writer– Writing Workshops Dallas Blog

Spotlight on Side Characters — Writing Workshops Dallas

The Elements of Catharsis — Writing Workshops Dallas

How to Write Effective Villains — Writing Workshops Dallas

How to Develop Memorable Characters — Writing Workshops Dallas

The Elements of Catharsis — Writing Workshops Dallas

Keep Writing Until the Story Gleams — Red Sofa Blog

Plan Before You Write — Writing Workshops Dallas

Civilian Reader — Worldbuilding Inerconnectivity

Dan Koboldt Blog — Plants in Worldbuilding

Fresh Fiction — Five Things About Chocolate

Fresh Fiction — Developing the Chocoverse

North Texas Nerds — Cofee, Chocolate, Creativity

Writing Workshops Dallas — Kitchen Sink Novel

Writing Workshops Dallas — Character Attachment

Savvy Authors — Character Death with Depth

Mystery Fanfare

Writing Workshops Dallas

I Read What You Write

Mysteries With Character

Diane Reviews Books

Hall Ways Blog

Dianne Kelly

Outlining Now to Save Time Later for Eat Like a Writer

What is Mind Mapping and How Can It Help Your Writing? for Eat Like a Writer

Learning about Sea Turtles for Mystery Fanfare

Fresh Fiction – People Change

Dying for Chocolate – History of Cocoa Powder