Chocolate as Currency

What is it about chocolate that captures the popular imagination?  From Charlie’s Golden Ticket to happiness having him running a Technicolor chocolate factory, to young John Midas, who suddenly finds that everything his lips touch turn to chocolate, children’s books portray chocolate as an object of greed and obsession, as a relief from poverty, at […]


Reading From A Study in Chocolate

Check out this video clip of me reading from A Study in Chocolate.  This is a scene near the beginning of the book, where Felicity has accepted an invitation to a tea party at Wobble House, a (very fictional) historic home in Galveston.  She has been invited by the party host, an art collector, to […]


My Top 10 Iconic Detectives

There are far too many great fictional detectives to list all of them.  I had to settle for a top ten list.  These are just my personal faves from the detectives who shaped the genre, defining some of the subgenres and explorations of what mysteries could be.  I’m giving you the first appearance of the […]


How to Do a Social Media Party or Account Guest “Takeover”

If you’re marketing your writing, you know that growing your audience is the most difficult part.  One powerful tool: leveraging other people’s audiences.  If someone a potential reader knows and trusts has you on as guest, that reader will be more likely to trust that your work has quality too. One fun way to do […]


My Favorite Movies About Writers and Books

The more I think about it, the more I realize that some of my favorite movies involve writers and writing.  (Which, as an author, is only natural.)  I thought I’d share some of my favorites.  This is not an exhaustive list.  It’s just the ones I could watch over and over.  You may have already seen many of these films, […]


Writing Craft - Books!

Let’s talk books!  Specifically writing craft books.  As writers, wanting to improve our art is natural, and learning from the insights – and the mistakes – of others is one of the quickest ways to do that. It’s no surprise that my own writing manual is my favorite.  Obviously, it reflects the way my mind […]