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Writing Science Fiction with Author Amber Royer

I will be at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona on Saturday night, July 13, to talk about science fiction writing, especially how to use and bring originality to genre-related codes and conventions, as well as SF worldbuilding.  I’ll also discuss practical steps to take when trying to…

Pure Chocolate Reading/Signing

I will be reading from Pure Chocolate and signing copies at Mager’s and Quinn in Minneapolis on July 8.  You know I’ll have some actual chocolate for you guys too…


Pure Chocolate Reading/Signing at The Writer’s Block, Las Vegas NV

i’ll be doing a signing/reading at the Writer’s Block in Las Vegas.  I’ll be answering questions about chocolate, the Chocoverse and my writing technique.Here is a link to the event on their web site:…

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Blog Tour In Progress!!!

Here’s a running list of posts on my blog tour. I will update this list as the rest of them get posted.March 4 — My BlogMarch 5 — Interview for Paul Semel ‘s Blog March 6 — Interview on Anna Kashina ‘s Blog March 7 — My Favorite…


Connecting to Chocoverse Characters

“Reading is just staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating.” – reddit.  Maybe.  This is all over the place as a meme with no clear attribution.Here it is, the day before my second book launches, and I’m trying to take a moment to step back…


Free Chocolate Coming Next Year

The secret is out!  Free Chocolate will be coming next summer from Angry Robot Books.…