Outline Now to Save Time Later

Discovery writing can be fun, and there is a certain enticement to the idea of telling yourself the story for the first time at the same time as you write it for your audience.  But if you are having trouble finishing projects, or you want to boost your productivity to finish projects faster you really […]


Permian Basin Writer's Workshop

I will be presenting workshops at the Permian Basin Writer’s Workshop. In its sixth year, the 2021 Permian Basin Writers’ Workshop annual event will feature writing coaches and agents from around the country. Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to move your writing career forward. The  Workshop gives aspiring writers a better understanding of the craft of […]


A 15 Day Journey

I decided to do a writing challenge on Instagram, where you were supposed to explore different aspects of your writing practice/writing life.  I though the results were interesting, especially the way the prompts built on each other.  I know not everyone is on Instagram, so I compiled the Insta segments into one long diary-style post.  […]


The Power of Lists

I’ve talked before about the power of What If questions when it comes to creativity.  What I want to talk about today is related: the power of making lists. Lists force you to move past the first idea that pops into your head in answer to a What If question.  When I get stuck, I […]


Sticking The Landing

When you watch a gymnast doing a parallel bars routine, it is easy to get caught up in the grace and the power – coupled with an I-could-never-do-that kind of awe.  Nothing ruins that experience – or the gymnast’s score – faster than failing to stick the landing.  A double hop – or worse, falling […]


Poetic Technique for Prose Writers

Blog Post – Poetic Technique for Prose Writers I love language.  The sound of words.  The way a pause can imply a character taking a breath.  The way a strong image can stay with you for days. The fact that I as a writer can tell you how my character feels inside, and if I […]