Villain Under Construction: Villain Arcs

We’ve been talking character arcs at SNW, so I wanted to bring out once special kind of arc: the villain arc.  A good villain can really elevate your story, so take the time to fully develop all sides of your antagonist.  And then think about what makes him dynamic. The Backstory Arc Usually, the main […]


Character Development and Development as a Writer

On Friday, we had a meeting with the new/returning  Work Study Employees for the kids/teen camps.  I asked them all to tell each other their majors.  When they’d gone around the room, one of them jokingly asked, “So what’s your major.” “Life,” I said.  And it’s true.  I finished my last round of formal education […]


Physical Description

So I thought I’d kick this off with a few of my favorite things. Bicycling into the sunset, a really good chocolate cupcake, The Princess Bride. Let’s focus for a moment on that last one. I’ve spent the morning putting together my PowerPoint for the character development session of the class I’m currently teaching, and […]