Chocolate Interview - Glenn Petriello

Earlier this year, Glenn from Chocotastery interviewed me for the Stay Home With Chocolate Festival, and we discussed how chocolate from different craft makers had influenced the creation of the Chocoverse books.  I appreciated how knowledgeable Glenn is about flavor – and I got to hear about his inventory of all the different chocolate bars […]


Chocolate Interview - Arcelia Gallardo

Here’s my interview with Arcelia Gallardo from Mission Chocolate. I’m excited because we got to do it as a video.  We discussed chocolate making, flavor profiles, and one of my favorite topics – cookbooks.  So fun to talk to her about her journey.  Thank you, Arcelia! Don’t forget to visit Arcelia’s web site . […]


Chocolate Interview - Karen Neugebauer

Now that the Dallas Chocolate Festival is over, I got a chance to catch up with Karen Neugebuare from Forte Chocolates.  She had done an interesting presentation about taste and chocolate, and I wanted to find out more.  Thanks, Karen, for chatting with me. Q: What is the most exciting thing right now about bean […]


Guest Blog Post: Doreen Leong

Disclosure: Chococlectic approached me with a free sample box to evaluate.  I was so intrigued by their business model, that I decided to feature them on the blog.  Today I got to chat with Doreen Leong of Chococlectic, a craft chocolate subscription box company that sends curated chocolate bars.  I got to find out a […]


Guest Blog: Kevin Wenzel

I’m going out to the opening weekend of Choctoberfest, the month-long Chocolate extravaganza held annually in Hico, Texas (about an hour and a half outside of Austin). I caught up with Kevin Wenzel of Wiseman House Chocolate, the chocolatier who started the event, to get some insight on the fest, and on his shop. What […]


Tour of Manos de Cacao

While we were in Monterrey, we got to spend a morning with the Llanderal Family of chocolate makers. It was an educational and enjoyable experience We sat down with Jorge Llandreal first and spoke with him about his business and his journey into becoming a chocolatier/chocolate maker.  He told us he earned his medical engineering […]