Chocolate Interview - Glenn Petriello

Earlier this year, Glenn from Chocotastery interviewed me for the Stay Home With Chocolate Festival, and we discussed how chocolate from different craft makers had influenced the creation of the Chocoverse books.  I appreciated how knowledgeable Glenn is about flavor – and I got to hear about his inventory of all the different chocolate bars he had on hand for tasting.  (Check out these photos of his TWO wine fridges currently full of chocolate.)  He certainly isn’t letting COIVD stop him from getting ahold of new bars to sample.

I turned the tables and interviewed him, and found out he’s tasted close to 1,000 unique chocolates from a variety of makers.  We talk about the tasting process, what goes into to making high-quality chocolate, and what he’s doing to spread the word about good chocolate.  I show off my cover for the first book in the Bean to Bar Mysteries series, and we talk about how realistic it is for my protagonist to have become a chocolate maker after first having a different career.

Glenn has shared links to his social media presence and to his tasting classes.

Chocotastery Links:

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– YouTube –

– Virtual Chocolate Tasting Video –

– Virtual Chocolate Tastings (Tickets Available on Eventbrite) for 12/5 and 12/19 –

– Chocolate Unboxing – Episode1 – Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate Video –

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