Chocolate Slogan Gift Ideas

I often see chocolate-related quotes on my social media feed, but sometimes you want something more tangible.  So you can find these quotes printed on everything from pillows to journals.  Here are some of the ones I thought were cute.  The list contains associate links.

I always prefer to give credit to the original source of a quote, but I believe some of these are anonymous.  I did a list of chocolate-related quotes that will give you the attribution for some of them.

1. Hot Chocolate Protects Me From the Elements Mug
2. Chocolate is A Salad Painting
3. Did Someone Say Chocolate Cake Pillow
4. What You See Before You My Friend is a Lifetime of Chocolate Journal
5. There’s Nothing Better Than a Friend Except a Friend With Chocolate Mug
6.  If You Can Read This, Bring Me Chocolate Socks
7. Hurray for Chocolate, Marshmallows and a Good Book! Mug
8. Money Can’t Buy Happiness But it Can Buy Chocolate Wall Decals
9. I Love You More Than Chocolate Picture Frame
10. Chocolate is the Answer Who Cares What the Question Is? Long Sleeve Tee
11. Chocolate Makes Everything Better Metal Sign
12. Chocolate is Nature’s Way of Making Up for Mondays Phone Pop Grip
13. All You Need Is Love But a Little Chocolate Now and Then Doesn’t Hurt! Pillow
14. But First Dark Chocolate Tee
15. Brilliant Ideas I Had While Drinking Hot Chocolate Journal
16. Come With Me to a World of Pure Imagination Art Print
17. We Go Together Like Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Sign
18.  Marshmallow Face Hot Chocolate Mug Set
19.  A Day Without Chocolate . . . Tee
20.  I Just Really Like Chocolate, Okay Notebook

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