Sep 12 2022


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

UTA Class: Developing Dynamic Characters: Novel Writing Unit 4 – LIVE WEBCAST

It is often said that, “Story Is Character.” But who should the people in your story be? In this course, students will learn how to design dynamic protagonists, villains, mentors and sidekicks, and love interests – and how to handle unlikable characters and antiheroes. We will discuss character differentiation, archetypes, finding the right character to take this particular Hero’s Journey, and more. We will also look at how using your protagonist and antagonist as mirrors can bring home your story’s theme. Students will also take time to delve into who the characters in their work in progress really are, to make sure they are psychological sound, and 3-dimensional. They will practice writing scenes that incorporate deeper inclusion of character in their work in progress.

Material covered relates to modern writing theory, and discusses the structure of recently published works, and is suitable for students writing in all genres, including both commercial and literary fiction. The teaching method accommodates the needs of students who want to shape their work for publication, as well as those who are writing to create an heirloom, or for personal fulfilment. The instructor has published in both science fiction and mystery, and critiques manuscript partials in a number of genres for major writing conferences.

This is a hands-on class, with writing assignments (in-class and as homework) and assignments to apply observation skills to the real world and to evaluate elements of other books, films, etc. Students will have the opportunity to have samples of their work critiqued each week. Worksheets used in this course series are from the instructor’s textbook, Story Like a Journalist: a Workbook for Novelists. This book applies the 5-Ws and H from journalism theory to creating a deep story world with people and events that feel real enough to have been ripped from the headlines. The textbook is not required, but is recommended.

NOTE for Novel Writing Unit Classes: These topical modules do not have to be taken in order. Take them all or focus on the skills you need.

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