Grand Openings Can Be Murder Roundup Post

Here’s where to find me doing the virtual book tour thing.  I will be adding to this post over the next few months, as I am doing a TON of guest posts and interviews relating to the Bean to Bar Mysteries.  But I wanted to get everything in one spot, as the links go live.
12/15/2020: Mystery Fanfare: Chocolate Maker vs. Chocolatier: How Choosing a Protagonist’s Focus Changes the Parameters of Cozy.
12/30/2020 — Guest Post at Writing Workshops Dallas.  It’s Getting Tense in Here.  Examples from Grand Openings Can Be Murder.
12/31/2020 — Guest Post at Gail Kittleson’s Blog.  I talk about writing as a way of healing.  Also, there’s a giveaway.
1/3/2021 — Guest Post at Dying for Chocolate.  How Bean to Baked Goods at Real Chocolate Shops inspired The Bean to Bar Mysteries.

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