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Writer Fuel - Adding Spice to Your Snacks

I am a fan of spicy foods, but for me it has to be about a balance of flavor, rather than simply blowing out your tastebuds with the heat.  Here are some of my favorite snacks and sauces. Siracha Peas – These are puffed peas seasoned with siracha.  I like mixing them with peanuts, to […]


How to Plan a Book Blog Tour

How to Plan a Book Blog Tour Book blog tours are a fun way to get the word out about your upcoming book and you as an author. It can be fun, that is, if you plan ahead and stay on schedule. The more planning you put behind a book blog tour, the more you […]


Novel Writing Tools by Jacob

I know Amber does all the writing but behind the scene there are little choices that I help out with.  Among them are buying all the little things that help her write effectively. There are links to items to purchase and we get a little something back if you use them.  But these are my […]