Monthly Archives: October 2020

Chocolate Interview - Arcelia Gallardo

Here’s my interview with Arcelia Gallardo from Mission Chocolate. I’m excited because we got to do it as a video.  We discussed chocolate making, flavor profiles, and one of my favorite topics – cookbooks.  So fun to talk to her about her journey.  Thank you, Arcelia! Don’t forget to visit Arcelia’s web site . […]


Chocolate Interview - Karen Neugebauer

Now that the Dallas Chocolate Festival is over, I got a chance to catch up with Karen Neugebuare from Forte Chocolates.  She had done an interesting presentation about taste and chocolate, and I wanted to find out more.  Thanks, Karen, for chatting with me. Q: What is the most exciting thing right now about bean […]


I Feel So Conflicted

One way to attach readers to your character is to present her with a problem, and then let us into how she FEELS about it.  If you make those feelings specific – and unique to her – then we can feel them too.  Let us in on the character’s specific thoughts, internal physical sensations and/or […]