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Pure Chocolate Book Tour

Here’s a roundup of where I’ll be after Pure Chocolate comes out! Launch at Interabang! — Welcome to the Chocoverse at the Last Bookstore — Reading and Signing at Writer’s Block — Texas Women in SFF at Book People — Joint Reading/Signing at Murder by the Book —


Worldbuilding is People

Part of worldbuilding – whether you are writing an epic Sci-Fi story or a quiet romance – comes down to designing people.  Everyone is shaped by their surroundings, be they a small town in Montana or the confines of a space station.  Clothing, customs, economic structures – all of these were designed by people for […]


Guest Blogger: Patrice Sarath

I know you guys are very interested in managing time and fitting a regular writing practice into your lives. So it is only fitting that my first ever guest blogger will be talking about how her passion for writing helps her get to THE END.   Patrice just had a book come out from the same publisher as me (Fog Season from Angry Robot).  If you scan through her bio, you will see she is a prolific writer and a good person to learn from. So here’s what I asked Patrice: What advice would you give to a new writer who wants to write a novel, and may […]