Monthly Archives: December 2020

Literary Interview -- Diane Kelly

I have known Diane Kelly for years.  She volunteers to help with literacy and for getting young writers off to a good start.  And in addition to being an animal lover, she’s also a prolific mystery writer.  Be sure to check out her award-winning Death & Taxes, Paw Enforcement, House Flipper, and Busted mystery series.  […]


Invented Language

I’ve designed parts of multiple alien languages for my Chocoverse books.  It’s one of the most fun parts of worldbuilding.  I love building lexicons and language rules, and thinking about how prefixes and suffixes can affect a basic word’s meaning. Depending on how much of the language will actually be used in a book or […]


Grand Openings Can Be Murder Roundup Post

Here’s where to find me doing the virtual book tour thing.  I will be adding to this post over the next few months, as I am doing a TON of guest posts and interviews relating to the Bean to Bar Mysteries.  But I wanted to get everything in one spot, as the links go live. — […]