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Symbolically Speaking

When I start talking about literary devices in my writing classes, the discussion inevitably comes around to whether or not the authors of various works were using them intentionally – or if these literary effects came about by accident.  I believe that it is a combination of both:  often I don…



I’ll be a guest at FenCon this year.  Check their web site for updates including my programming schedule…


Seminar: Achieving Catharsis

Catharsis is defined as a cleansing of emotions.  As a writing theory, it goes as far back as Aristotle’s Poetics.  But it’s actually simple to understand.   You know how sometimes you close the cover of a book or walk out of the theater, and you’ve laughed, you…


New Advanced Novel Writing Classes

Are you ready for a new writing adventure and some new writing challenges?So excited about the new series of classes I’m doing for UTA Continuing Education this fall.  There was such an overwhelming positive response to the Novel 1-2-3 classes that they’ve decided to test…