Guest Blogger: Chocolatier Scott Shelby

I’m very excited to be interviewing a chocolatier on the blog today.  Scott Shelby, the Sweets Engineer, will be doing a pop-up shop at my Pure Chocolate event in Minneapolis on July 8.  Join us both at Magers and Quinn.

So Scott. Professional Snowboarder. Microbiologist. Line cook and pastry chef. How does all of that come together to lead you to a career in chocolate?

Hahahahaha well honestly none of it does . The only connection I can make is that each of these things made me think on my toes, both inside the box and very much outside the box also. Microbiology always kept my feet on the ground and logical , the others were when I wanted to not be so logical and just have fun.

And you still find time to snowboard?
Yes and no I didn’t do much snowboarding this past winter , but I will always find and make time for it . It was my first passion and I think that helped me in chocolate to not stay on the same path as other chocolatiers.

Tell us a little about your art style and philosophy when working with chocolate.
I have a somewhat avant-garde art style. I really like clean lines , bold colors and black blacks. With that I also like a muddled busy style. I like graffiti a lot so I kinda see my chocolate like a blank wall needing something new.

What is the one thing everyone should try if they come to your shop?
I think they should try everything , even the stuff that I am testing. I really love opinions from people other than myself . I know what I want to taste but I don’t know what the public wants to taste. So try everything, hate it , love it , think it’s ok. I don’t care as long as you try everything.

What is the most challenging chocolate-related project you’ve undertaken?
Social media . Lol . Honestly that’s my hardest part lol. Some sculptures can be difficult but I never see them as challenging. I guess it would be coming up with new ideas for chocolate related thing without replicating or copying anyone else. I spend a lot of time with a note book and thinking about food.

Tell us about the beautiful dogs in your Instagram.

Well that is Sitka (Norwegian elkhound) and lele, aka Leroy, aka Mr.lee. (A pure chow) . Sitka is 9 and I have had him since he fit in my pocket on the way home . Lele was a rescue from @chowsandpalsllc he is 2 and a fluffy furry crazy boy .

What else would you like to say?
I just want to thank everyone who sees my chocolate and likes it . I want to help draw inspiration to anyone wanting to do anything they want . Life gives a lot of paths , everyone says to pick one , no one ever says to take a detour and try new things .

You can visit Scott at: . 

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