Free Chocolate 2

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Free Chocolate 

Dark Comic Space Opera
Status: Complete and Ready For Query

Latina culinary arts student Bo Benitez becomes a criminal and a fugitive so she can break the monopoly that HGB, a corrupt corporation, holds over chocolate — the only Earth-thing the Galaxy hungers for.  She’s not really betraying her people.  Giving cacao to the aliens who are addicted to it should diffuse the conflict threatening to plunge her home into global war.  She takes on the role of HGB’s new media darling to get into the walled plantation in Rio so she can steal a cacao pod, but she inadvertently implicates disgraced pilot Kaliel in her act of treason, putting him in in line for the shave, death by guillotining.  Bo’s on the run from the same HGB-sanctioned assassin who killed her father, so all she can do is try to sell the cacao and prove that the monopoly’s been broken before Kaliel takes a ride on that blood-soaked teeter totter — if she can find a buyer, now that she’s lost touch with Brill, the alien boyfriend who convinced her to steal chocolate in the first place.



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