Currents_Kyle_Web_BorderCurrents: Book 1 of The Tides

Science Fiction: Time Travel/Steampunk
Stand-Alone Title, but I am Outlining Further Books to Build a Series
Status: Complete and Ready For Query

When near-future physicist Kyle Bowman rushes an experiment, he accidentally breaks the space/time continuum, opening underground “tides” of time, allowing a nuclear power source to be introduced into 1864 – and changing the timeline enough that his ex-wife never left him.  When the tide washes up the mutilated body of a time traveler, Kyle must overcome his claustrophobia to rescue one of his closest friends in a steampunked Victorian England.  As Kyle tracks his friend and the power source, visual cues unlock pieces of the new timeline inside his photographic memory, giving him insight as to what caused his phobia and broke apart his brief marriage.

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