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Come see all of the Coffee and Chocolate Field Trip Videos!


Big Island


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Dru’s Book Musings – Cover Reveal

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Movies About Writers Roundup

The more I think about it, the more I realize that some of my favorite movies involve writers and writing. (Which, as an author, is only natural.) I thought I’d share some of my favorites. This is not an exhaustive list. It’s just the ones I could watch over and over. You may have already seen many of these films, but I hope there’s at least one or two that are new to you!

Check out the blog post here!

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Book Reviewers! Review copy available at Netgalley.

Readers! Goodreads Giveaway

A Shot in the 80% Dark: Book Launch Eve Post

Cover Reveal: Dru’s Book Musings

Bonus Recipe: Ropa Vieja

70% Dark Intentions Book Trailer

Felicity Koerber’s bean to bar chocolate shop on Galveston’s historic Strand is bringing in plenty of customers – in part due to the notoriety of the recent murder of one of her assistants, which she managed to solve. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Her new assistant, Mateo, even gets along with Carmen, the shop’s barista turned pastry chef. Felicity thinks she’s learning to cope with change – right up until one of her friends gets engaged. Everyone’s expecting her to ask Logan, her former bodyguard, to be her plus one. But even the thought of asking out someone else still makes her feel disloyal to her late husband’s memory — so maybe she hasn’t moved on from her husband’s death as much as she thought.

Felicity isn’t planning to contact Logan any time soon. Only, Felicity finds ANOTHER body right outside her shop – making it two murders at Greetings and Felicitations in as many months. That night, Mateo disappears, leaving Felicity to take care of his pet octopus. The police believe that Mateo committed the murder, but Felicity is convinced that, despite the mounting evidence, something more is going on, and Mateo may actually be in trouble.

When Logan assumes that he’s going to help Felicity investigate, she realizes she’s going to have to spend time with him – whether she’s ready to really talk to him or not. Can Felicity find out what happened to Mateo, unmask a killer, and throw an engagement party all at the same time?

See the book trailer on Youtube.

Preorder your copy today.

Out of Temper Book Tour


January 24 – Novels Alive – REVIEW

January 24 – Novels Alive – SPOTLIGHT (BookBlast)

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Resources for Bookclubs

If you have a book club, check out my page for chocolate-related book club meetings. There are suggestions for snacks to serve (a couple of them have recipes attached). I’ve also included discussion guides for each of my books. The one for Out of Temper is available now.

New Recipes Incoming

We’re adding recipes from Out of Temper to the Bonuses page. The first one: Texas Brisket. Check back for more ramping up to the book’s release on February 1.

Out of Temper up on Netgalley

Hey book reviewers! If you’re looking for a little sun, fun and warmth to get you through the winter, Out of Temper (Book 3 in the Bean to Bar Mysteries) is available now on Net Galley.

Check it out at: !

Out of Temper Cover Reveal

Check out the cover reveal over at Dru’s Book Musings.

Felicity Koerber’s bean to bar chocolate shop on Galveston’s historic Strand has been the scene of two murders – both of which she has been instrumental in helping solve. So when she gets invited to demo her chocolate skills aboard a cruise ship sailing out of the local port, she’s excited at the chance to get away from the shop long enough to regain her equilibrium. She even brings her best friend along, and makes plans for time at the spa. But when she gets on board, she finds out that she’s been booked for a mystery-themed cruise, and said best friend, Autumn, has to finally deal with the real reasons she quit writing mysteries. Only – if that wasn’t stressful enough – it doesn’t take long before there’s a real murder on the cruise, and someone Felicity knows becomes the prime suspect. When said suspect asks her for help, she can’t exactly say no, can she?

Felicity finds herself surrounded by cruise goers who all had connections to the victim – and finds that both Logan (her business partner, whom she recently kissed) and Arlo (the cop who was once Felicity’s first boyfriend, before she moved away from Galveston) are dealing with the case until more official help can arrive. How will Felicity survive the ensuing awkwardness?

One thing that helps: the retired police dog turned therapy dog she meets on board. Satchmo helps Felicity deal with being back on the water after tragedy in her past – and also helps her uncover a vital clue to the case. Can Felicity unmask the killer and keep a friend from being framed before all the suspects leave the ship?

How to Use Story Like a Journailst for NANoWriMo Preptober

Whether it is your first time trying to write a novel in November, or if you%u2019re a veteran looking for ways to make the process go smoother, don%u2019t overlook the benefits of planning in advance. If you come into NaNo with a reasonable idea of who your characters are, where they live, and where your plot is headed, you will be ahead of the game, and ready for success.

The idea of using October as NaNo #PREPTOBER , taking time each day to plan, makes sense. Some of y%u2019all have been telling me that you%u2019re using Story Like a Journalist to do your prep work. I am so excited! I know it is a hefty workbook, and that 100 worksheets may be unrealistic to get through in a month. (I%u2019ve always been of the idea that series and complex novels may need all of the worksheets, but sometimes it is better to have all the worksheets at hand so you can find the ones you need to do to uncover the information you need to get past stuck points and to deepen your understanding of specific elements of your book.)

Here’s the List

Book Blog Tour Resources

Have you considered doing a book blog tour, but aren’t sure where to start? I have a new article up over at Eat Like a Writer that should help you get organized. Check it out here:

If you want to talk to me about your blog tour questions, comment below — or come check out the presentation I’m doing for Unleashing the Next Chapter (FB Group) on November 3. Learn more about the group here:

70% Dark Intentions Blog Tour

Check out all of the stops on the 70% Dark Intentions Blog Tour


June 29 – Mystery Fanfare — Guest Post — Learning about Sea Turtles —

July 12 – Christy’s Cozy Corners – CHARACTER GUEST POST —…

July 12 – Books a Plenty Book Reviews – REVIEW, CHARACTER INTERVIEW — https://booksaplentybookreviews.blogs…

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July 15 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW, EXCERPT —…

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July 16 – CelticLady Reviews – SPOTLIGHT — https://celticladysreviews.blogspot.c…

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July 18 – Cozy Up With Kathy – AUTHOR INTERVIEW —…

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July 20 – StoreyBook Reviews – REVIEW —

July 20 – Interview With Felicity through Dru’s Book Musing —

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July 23 – ebook addicts – REVIEW —

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July 25 – BookishKelly2020 – SPOTLIGHT —

July 29 – Fresh Fiction – GUEST POST –

July 29 – Dying for Chocolate – GUEST POST –

70% Dark Intentions Book Launch

There’s a number of cozy mysteries coming your way in July. Check out the multi-book launch event on the Book Warriors Facebook Group at 7 PM on July 20. Featuring me, @bookishly_cozy and @dianekellybooks !

Find the event at:

Or follow the link off my bio.

I’m really excited to take all of you back to my fictionalized version of Galveston, where Felicity and her friends get involved in solving the murder of a visitor to the island. If you liked Felicity’s bunny Knightley, just wait until you meet Clive the octopus!

Productivity Articles at Eat Like a Writer

I’m doing a couple of articles on writing productivity for @eatlikeawriter . The first one just went live today.

Check it out at:

Or off the link in my bio.

Today I’m talking spiderwebbing and mind mapping as always to brainstorm and plan both fiction and non-fiction writing.

For the writers here: what are your favorite tools for idea generation and story planning? For the readers: do you use these techniques for other tasks in your life?

Goodreads Give Away

70% Dark Intentions

Want to win a copy of 70% Dark Intentions? Enter my contest on Goodreads! Winners will be announced on July 18.

Check it out at: Goodreads.

Crank the Tunes

Spotify Playlists

Here are the links to the Spotify playlists I mentioned on Instagram.

The first one is a list I made and the second one a list I found.

Protag Music

Jazz in the Background

70% Dark Intentions Sample Chapter

If you want a preview of the second book in the Bean to Bar Mysteries, grab Chapter 1 of 70% Dark Intentions here: This is such a fun series to write. While Grand Openings Can Be Murder had a lot to do with Galveston weather, this one has more about the island’s wildlife.

Upcoming Writer’s Challenge

For the writers in my audience: looking for a fun way to get to know other writers and let readers know more about you? I%u2019m teaming up with @bookishly_cozy to present a writer%u2019s challenge in June. (Preview the prompts on the second slide.). This should be a ton of fun. If you want Melissa to send you daily reminders of the prompts, follow the links below.

Challenge runs June 1 through the first day of summer.

Challenge hashtag: #SpringIntoSummerWriters .

Bean to Bar Mysteries Bonus Recipes

A couple of people have asked for the lemon herb truffle recipe that Felicity makes in Grand Openings Can Be Murder. I just added it to the bonus recipes page. That’s one reason I set up a dynamic page, instead of printing the recipes in the back of the books. There’s a QRR code in the back of the books that takes you to the recipes page — where you can access recipes from the whole series, along with photos and video snippets. You can also get to it directly at

This truffle is something Felicity puts together while noodling around with flavor, and she comes out with something special. I hope you enjoy it too.

Behind the Book: Nature on Galveston Island

Galveston island has an abundance of seabirds and is a nesting ground for endangered sea turtles. All of these creatures wind up mentioned in my Bean to Bar Mysteries, which are set on Galveston Island. (In them, a craft chocolate maker becomes an amateur sleuth after one of her employees is killed.) There’s even an alligator that shows up in a hotel on the Island (long story!). This is such a fun series to write, in part because I grew up so close to Galveston. I always loved riding the ferry as a kid, and feeding the gulls at the back of the boat (which is where I took those slow-mo gull shots I used in this video.