Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas

In my latest cozy mystery, there’s a formal tea. It was a fun scene to write, because I love tea, and have been collecting teapots, teacups and related tea accessories for about two decades. A lot of the pieces are attached to specific memories, or were gifts from specific people. One of the things I love most about tea is how many different ways there are to enjoy it. Whether you are planning a tea party, or just enjoy tea at home, I hope this list inspires you.

I’ve always been a fan of blooming teas. If you brew it in a glass teapot or pitcher, you can refill it after drinking the tea and display the “blossom” for a couple of days.

One of the benefits of an electric kettle is not having to watch it, and I love that this one shuts off if you get distracted. Also, it’s glass, so you can see it boil.

This book is a go-to for setting up a tea tasting, or choosing a variety of teas for your party.

Enamel Coated Iron teapots are beautiful, and this green one especially so. I just like the pop of color and the design. It can also be used as a kettle.

This set includes a bowl and whisk, along with the accessories needed to elegantly prepare the tea. It comes in a variety of colors. I really like the charcoal gray.

Mikasa has long been one of my favorite designers, and this particular heart design feels perfect for Autumn’s tea. This is part of the settings I imagine for the table.

Royal Albert china has been around for over a century and they have some really nice designs. This one is simple yet elegant.

I love the design on the lid of this wood box, which comes with over 20 flavors of Twinnings tea (Including their English Breakfast, which is rather nice).

I like the pink and blue rose design, which would be perfect for a shabby chic tea.

This is such a fun teapot, with the sculpted roses and the dress. It would be perfect for a Victorian-themed tea.

What would you fill these favor boxes with for your tea?

Tea Forte offers such an elegant presentation. Their pyramid-shaped tea bags and tea blends are close to the experience of loose leaf tea.

These would be great for making party favors, maybe with tiny jars of acacia honey.

I love the jaunty angles of this fun teapot. The cat has such a happy expression. It would be bound to be a conversation starter.

Look at this polka dotted tea kettle! How fun.

I love the positive message, which would be a great way to start the day. I also love the vintage styling on the glass knob.

If you enjoy loose leaf tea, these playful platypus infusers would look adorable holding onto the rim of your mug.

This is a more traditional “tea ball” shape. I’ve used this type of infuser for years. Turtles are one of my favorite animals, and I’m nerdy enough to be impressed by the fact that they glow I the dark.

Such a cute fox! The tea cup has a lid that can also be used as a coaster for the infuser.

Check out this adorable polka dotted tea set sized for the kiddos.