Family Card Night Collection

Jake collects playing cards.  We always buy a deck when we travel.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done – especially when most of a trip is planned out with other folks, or if we’re on a cruise stop for just an afternoon.  He’s also collected interesting playing cards at thrift shops and game stores.  Sometimes I look at cards as gifts for him, and I’ve found some that appeal to me as well.  Here’s some of the cards from my wish-list that I think are the coolest.  Some of these are educational, such as cards that have survival tips, stargazing info, or photography cheat sheets.  Some represent my interest in literature, coffee, and art.  And a lot of them just look cool.
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Art of Caffeination Sip-to-Suit Cards About Coffee

Bicycle Stargazer Collection: 6-Deck Collector’s Bundle

Yellow Cab Games Coffee Playing Cards

Spices Playing Cards

Quilling Playing Cards

Elvis Presley Premium Cassette Playing Cards

Retro Style Pirate Playing Cards

The Photography Deck Waterproof – Photography Cheat Sheet Cards

The Don’t Die Out There! Deck Cards

Okuno Karuta Japanese Playing Cards -Fun of the four seasons

New York Puzzle Company Dog Cartoon Playing Cards

Piatnik Van Gogh Playing Cards

Albino Dragon The Princess Bride Playing Cards – As You Wish

Peanuts Joe Cool Playing Cards

Detective Conan – Case Closed – 52 Playing Cards

Great Eastern Entertainment Bananya – Bananya Group Playing Cards

Japan Painting Playing Cards

Roasters Coffee Shop Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards Fireflies Design

Looney Tunes- Take Over Playing Cards

Bicycle House Blend Playing Cards

Night Sky Playing Cards: Playing with the Constellations

Premium Vibrant Prism Card Deck

Japanese Prints Playing Cards

Art Nouveau CAT Portraits Playing Cards

Celestial Wings: Elegant Wire Frame Bird-Themed Playing Cards

Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards

Serenity Fair Jane Austen Romantic Historical Playing Cards

Japanese Lingo Playing Cards in Wayfarer Tin Box

Laurence King Agatha Christie Playing Cards

Alice In Wonderland Playing Cards

Lingo Spanish Playing Cards in Wayfarer Tin Box

Jaws Playing Cards

Aquarius Willy Wonka Playing Cards

Flowers from Outer Space Playing Cards

Jane Austen Playing Cards: Rediscover 5 Regency Card Game

4 Decks Waterproof Playing Cards