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Some of my favorite Chocolate

Chocolate Bars List

Many of these bars are also available from Central Market, or direct from the manufacturer’s website. Some of the links to specific products that I’ve given below are affiliate links.

If you want to see more about the wide varieties of chocolate that craft makers are producing, Bar and Cocoa is another option for ordering a wide selection of fine chocolate. I am not affiliated with Bar and Cocoa. I just think they provide an excellent service.

Amber’s Favorite “Special Occasion” Chocolate Bars:

Favorite Fruity Dark Chocolate: Amano Chocolate – Madagascar Bar

Favorite “Fudgy” Dark Chocolate: Dandelion Chocolate – Zorzal Estate, Dominican Republic (order from their website)

Favorite Milk Chocolate: French Broad Malted Milk Chocolate

Favorite White Chocolate: Forte Chocolates – Gusto Lemon & Pepper Bar (order from their website)

Favorite Caramelized White Chocolate: Valhorna — DULCEY BLOND 35%

Favorite Texas Chocolate: Ecuadorian Chocolate Factory – 70% Bar (order from their website)

Favorite Dessert-Inspired Chocolate: Mission Chocolate – Pao De Mel (Honey Gingerbread)(order from Bar and Cocoa or other specialty reseller)

Favorite Fruit-Added Chocolate: Manoa — Mai’a X Banana Bar 70% (includes freeze-dried banana powder)

Favorite Nut-Added Chocolate: Potomac – Gianduja (order from their website)

Favorite Herb-infused Chocolate: Pacari – Lemon Verbena (Amazon Link)

Favorite Coffee-Infused Chocolate: Letterpress – Dark Mocha (order from Bar and Cocoa)

Favorite Stone-Ground Chocolate: Taza Chocolate — Guajillo Chili