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Seminar: Writing Vivid Side Characters

July 28 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

You know you need a spectacular protagonist, facing off against an equally strong antagonist.  But what about all your spear carriers, love interests, sidekicks, mentors and henchmen?  They don’t always get much page space, so how can you use what you do give them to make them memorable?  We will focus on creating captivating side characters that add to the plot and earn their space on the page. This interactive seminar, suitable for fiction writers, screenwriters and memoir writers, will also offer answers to:

  • How can basing the way side characters think and act on real people I know help me characterize them without using as much page space?
  • Why should I give the more important side characters a backstory, even if it doesn’t make it onto the page?
  • How can giving side characters distinctive vocabulary lists/syntax help them to stand out?
  • Why should every side character have a distinctive role in the story?
  • How can combining two side characters sometimes make for a stronger story?
  • How can I design a love triangle where both love interests are viable choices for the hero’s future happiness?
  • What makes for a good sidekick/henchman?
  • What is the proper role for a mentor in my story?
  • Why should my side characters have their own goals and display agency?